HX Linear Transducers

HX Series

The UniMeasure HX Series consists of a family of environmentally sealed cable extension transducers for the measurement of linear position and/or linear velocity. The HX models are appropriate for hostile environments where exposure to rain, wash down, or submersion in various liquids are concerns. With standard features such as oring seals in all joints, wire rope dust and debris wiper, and rigid two point mounting system, the HX series is the preferred solution when measurement in an adverse environment is necessary. The units are available in two basic package configurations determined by the overall measurement range. Thirty ranges from 0-2 inches to 0-2,000 inches are offered. Electrical outputs include ratiometric voltage divider, bridge circuit, 4-20 mA, 0 to 5 or 0 to 10 VDC, ±10 VDC, and quadrature square wave digital. A brief description of each of the series follows.

HX-PA Series - Analog Position

Ratiometric output voltage from a precision potentiometer configured in a voltage divider circuit. Requires regulated input voltage up to 30 V maximum.

HX-PA Specifications PDF
HX-PA Installation Guide PDF

HX-PB Series - Analog Position

Precision potentiometer in bridge circuit with integral zero and span controls which facilitate interfacing to a bridge amplifier. Requires regulated input voltage up to 30 V maximum.

HX-PB Specifications PDF
HX-PB Installation Guide PDF

P420 Series - Analog Position

Loop powered 4 to 20 mA current transmitter with adjustable zero and span controls. Input voltage is 9V to 35V depending upon total loop impedance.

P420 Specifications PDF
P420 Installation Guide PDF

HX-P510 Series - Analog Position

P510 Provides a 0 to 10 VDC or 0 to 5 VDC voltage output and -10 VDC to +10 VDC or -5 VDC to +5 VDC voltage output. Includes adjustable zero and span controls. Requires input voltage of 4.9 to 30 VDC (unregulated acceptable).

HX-P510 Specifications PDF
HX-P510 Installation Guide PDF

HX-EP Series - Digital Position

Digital, TTL level, two channel square wave output signal. 5 VDC input voltage. Optional configurations include 8 to 28 VDC, current sinking, push-pull & line driver capability

HX-EP Specifications PDF
HX-EP Installation Guide PDF

HX-V Series - Velocity

Linear velocity transducer that incorporates a self-generating tachometer with voltage output that eliminates the need for any external power supply.

HX-V Specifications PDF
HX-V Installation Guide PDF

HX-VP Series - Velocity/Analog Position

VP Series combines a self-generating tachometer and a percision potentiometer to give both velocity and analog position.

HX-VP Specifications PDF
HX-VPA Installation Guide PDF

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HX-VP510 Installation Guide PDF

HX-VP1010 Installation Guide PDF