Temperature Technology


Thermometers for testing and monitoring:

Temperature Technology carefully evaluates temperature thermometers on offer in the global marketplace. From these, we select only those that meet our strict standards for user friendliness, accuracy, sturdiness and water resistance. This way our customers can be assured of getting the best product at the right price.

EMT999 Electric Clock Thermometer
Electronic thermometers

The electronic range are extremely versatile, for both industrial and light use. Easy to read, handy for both HACCP and FSANZ (formerly ANZFA) regulations.

Liquid Crystal Thermometer Baby Bath
Liquid Crystal thermometers

The liquid crystal thermometers are great as promotional givaways. They are useful (a liquid crystal room or refrigerator thermometer) while displaying your logo at all times. A thermometer has a long life compared to a ballpen or golfball.


RT400 Bimetal Refrigerator Wall Mount
Dial thermometers

The dial thermometers work without batteries and are easy to read. They are suitable for refrigerators, freezers and abient temperatures.