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Data Logger Software

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T-TEC dataloggers

T-TEC data loggers are operated via the T-TEC Software. Operations include start, stop, download and graphing functions.

T-TEC Software Requirements
Operating Systems

T-TEC software will run under all Windows systems known to date: Win 3.1, 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista and Windows 7, 8 & 10.

System Requirements

CD Drive, serial or USB port, and about 3MB of free hard drive space. Interface to PC either through T-TEC cable for serial port or T-TEC cable for USB port on computer. T-TEC 501 type B dataloggers can not be contacted via USB port.


T-TEC software is being updated when needed. Current version is 15.2, which supports USB port and Windows 10. New versions of the software still support older model of data logger. T-TEC 501 data loggers can not be contacted via USB port.

Software Registration

The T-TEC software is available for free trial. A trial version may be opened 10 times. To buy or register the software, contact your local distributor (or us) for your registration key. Once registered, the software will display the name of the owner of the licence. The trial version will also update an existing older program.

Thermochron loggers

iButton thermochron loggers, with their interface and the TempTec-R Reader, can also be operated via the T-TEC software.

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Dynamic Mapping or profiling is a new concept in the temperature measurement area. The T-TEC DyMap program creates a dynamic visualisation of the result from many dataloggers, constructing a form of movie which shows the total situation, within a certain process, area or room. Data loggers may be positioned in 2 or 3 dimensions.

DyMap Software Requirements

Operating system:

Win98 or later, incl. XP, VISTA and Win 7, 8 & 10.

System Requirements

Monitor resolution of 800 * 600 or better. For a graph with a large number of different colors, it may be necessary to increase the colour depth to 32 bit colours. 256 Mb RAM or more is recommended.

The program allocates memory dynamically, and in theory, there should not be any limitations of the number of loggers which could be included or the number of measurements in each logger.

Can be used with any data source
DyMap was constructed in such a way that it can be used with any non-Temperature Technology data, so long as the data fits the specific text file format required by Dymap.

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TempReport wireless datalogging system

TempReport is the new software for the new T-TEC RF wireless data loggers. It includes basic functions like adding a logger in to the system; removing the logger; starting the logger; stopping the logger; downloading the logger; viewing data from the logger -- including past missions; setting and changing alarms -- including emails and phone numbers for SMSs. It also includes functionality to reset the relay on the Gateway, settings (for emails, SMSs, cloud subscription, MQTT, backups, passwords); logger secuirty - passwords and permissions for various users.

It also has the ability to set when downloads should happen automatically, either at set intervals or at a set time. This can be useful if you know that all the trucks with the data loggers on board will be back in the yard by 6pm.

And separate to logging intervals are the data updates. These are the temperatures (or other) that are presented on the screen so that the user can see how the logger is going. Of course, the faster the interval, the shorter life of the battery.

Alarms will be displayed on screen, in red flashing exclamation marks, the background of the specific logger will turn red and notifications will appear in your notification tray.

If you are in the neighbourhood, please feel free to stop past and get a demonstration.


If TempReport is running on a computer that has Internet access, then TempReport can send the data out either to a T-TEC Cloud (installed on your own server or Temperature Technology's via the Internet) and/or to a MQTT broker.


T-TEC Software Update and Demo

T-TEC Software version 15.7: SetupT-15.7.exe:

This version provides a fix for USB 06 cables with versions less than 1.4 and removes the appearance of a driver installation file (the driver preinstalled just fine).

T-TEC Software Manual v15B3: Man15B3.pdf
  • Right click on link for the manual and choose:
    • MIE: Save Target As
    • Netscape: Save Link Target As
    • Opera: Save target as
    • Mozilla: Save Link Target As
  • For update: Save the file into T-TECW directory
  • For demo: Save the file in a place you can remember

T-TEC data logger and Thermochron iButton 2D temperature movie software

Full explanation, manual and help file for the DyMap read-only program is in the Dymap.ZIP file. To get a quick look:
  • Save the file into an empty directory and unzip it
  • In this directory, find and run TTECDyMapRO.exe
  • Under the Data Filter tab, click 'Load Report'
  • Double click on A263.ttr (this should be displayed in the file open dialog box)
  • Click the second button labeled 'Calculate' (Averaged Temperatures)
  • Click on the Graph' tab
  • To run the movie, click 'Slides'