FlexiMet WX 1 System

A high quality weather station that is easy to install for immediate accurate wind and weather measurement, complete with display to view data locally.

The system measures a wide range of weather parameters; wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, dew point and barometric pressure using the Gill MetPak.

FlexiMet WX 1 System comprises

  • MetPak weather station
  • Mounting mast
  • 15m RS232 cable between sensor and display unit
  • WS-15A Display unit
  • Power supply unit

What's In The Box?

The MetPak sensor used in this system has an RS232 output and has a cable distance of 15 metres. If cabling distances are longer than this we can quote as required.

The sensor is linked with the RS232 cable to our IP65 rated WS-15A Display Unit providing a clear digital readout of wind speed and direction plus a wind direction arrow with cardinal points. Temperature, pressure, relative humidity and dew point are also displayed. The display enables set-up of an optional wind speed alarm and provides an RS232 data output to connect to a SpaceLogger W10 or SpaceLogger W8 Wireless data logger or PC.

The system comes complete with a 0.9m anodised aluminium mounting mast and mains plug power supply. 12V UK or World plug options are available.

Lightning Protection

All FlexiMet systems are supplied without lightning protection as standard. Should you require additional protection for your installation, please contact us for a quotation.

METPAK WEATHER STATION Physical Dimensions 370mm height (overall)
290mm standoff (max) from face of mounting pole
142mm width
Weight 1.1 kg (including bracket)
Mounting Vertical pipe mounting 25mm to 50mm diameter
Material UV Stabilised white thermoplastic with gloss white painted aluminium mounting bracket (with moulded plastic V-block and stainless steel U-bolt)
Performance Wind speed Range 0.01 to 60 m/s (0.02 to 116 knots)
Accuracy ±2 % @ 12m/s
Units of measure m/s, knots, mph, km/hr, ft/min
Wind direction Range 0 to 360° (no dead band)
Accuracy ±3° @ 12m/s
Air temperature Range -35°C to +70°C
Accuracy ± 0.1°C
Units of measure °C, °F or K
Relative humidity Range 0-100% RH
Accuracy ± 0.8% @ 23°C
Units of measure % RH
Barometric pressure Range 600-1100 hPa
Accuracy ±0.5hPa
Units of measure hPa. mbar, mmHg, InHg
Dew point Accuracy ± 0.15°C @ 23°C ambient temp and 20°C dew point
Units of measure °C or °F
Sensors Wind speed & direction WindSonic ultrasonic sensor
Temperature, relative humidity & dew point Rotronic HygroClip model HC2-S3 compensated for temperature dependency.
Radiation shield 6-plate naturally aspirated
Barometric pressure Solid state device compensated for temperature dependency -20°C to +70°C
Outputs Digital output RS232
Baud rate 9600
Protocols ASCII
Output rate 1 Hz
Parameters output Polar wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, dew point, power supply voltage, MetPak status code, checksum
Power Power requirements 5 to 30 V dc
36 mA (output 1 second) @ 12 V
Environmental Temperature Operating range: -35°C to +70°C
Humidity Operating range: 0% to 100% RH
Protection Class IP65
Miscellaneous Calibration Factory calibrated
SENSOR MOUNTING MAST Physical Dimensions Diameter: 44.45 mm OD
Length:  895 mm
Weight 0.25 kg
Material Anodised aluminium alloy
RS232 CABLE Physical Dimensions Diameter: 4.8mm
Length:  15m
Weight 0.65 kg approx
Construction 5 core, tinned copper conductor 24(7) AWG, 0.22mm2, PVC insulation, Cores laid up, overall aluminium/polyester foil screen, tinned copper drain wire (24AWG), PVC sheath
WS-15A DISPLAY UNIT Physical Dimensions Width: 140mm (including mounting feet)
Depth: 100mm (including cable glands)
Height: 65mm (including mounting feet)
Panel Dimensions 120mm x 80mm
Weight 0.35 kg
Mounting Surface mounted
Material Light Grey ABS Polycarbonate Blend
Cable access 4 waterproof glands
Power Power requirements 9 to 30 Vdc
Current at 12 Vdc 20mA  to 35mA (backlight on)
Supply Input protection Polarity reversal protected. Internal fuse 500mA slo-blo (Littelfuse 0454500 or equivalent)
Connection Internal lever action terminals for AWG 28 to 22 conductors (0.32 to 0.65mm diameter)
Environmental Temperature Operating range: -10°C to +70°C
Sealing IP65
Display Operation Display Two line 20 character dot matrix super-twist LCD with backlight
Operation 5 keys on front of unit for menu navigation, data entry and control functions
Functions Wind speed
Wind direction
Relative Humidity
Air Temperature
Dew point
MetPak supply voltage
Wind speed high/low alarm with hold on and hold off period
Sensor alignment adjustment
Wind speed measurement units selection
Pressure calibration setting
Wind direction display Digital 3 digits with wind arrow and cardinal points
Wind speed display Digital display with units selection from kts, mph, km/h, fpm, m/s
Sensor status Error code displayed for sensor/communications diagnostics
Connectivity Alarm output Volt free relay output. Max 24Vdc at switching current of 0.5 amperes. Contact resistance 0.150 ohm maximum
Data output RS232 for connection to a SpaceLogger.W10 (WindLogger) or other data logger, computer, communications equipment or additional WS-15A display units
POWER SUPPLY UNIT Spec Plug Type UK or World Adaptor
Dimensions Supplied with 3m cable to connect to WS-15A Display
Voltage 12V DC supply (suitable for mains 240 / 110 V AC input)

The manufacturer reserves the right to amend the specification and therefore the information in this document may be subject to change.