DFV - Deluxe Fused Voltage Leads

PowerSight DFV is a set of voltage leads that have in-line fuses. For added safety if a voltage lead shorts to ground via a cut in the insulation. Suitable for use to 1000V, includes replaceable fuses.

Summit Technology’s deluxe fused voltage leads (DFV) are suitable for voltage measurements up to 1000V AC and come with the added safety of 1/2 amp replaceable fuses.

Category Notes
Voltage Measurement Range: 1 Volt to 600 Volts AC
Dimensions: Leads are 7 feet long
Slim, Stylish body
Notes: Fully insulated Extra-Large alligator clip with 4mm jack. Meets IEC61010 safety standards.
Probe Dimensions: Large 1.26" (32mm) Jaw Opening
Rating: 1,000V CATIII / 600V CATIV Safety Rating
36A Current Rating
Materials: Body:Polypropylene
Contact: Steel, Nickel Plt.