PS2500 - Power Logger

A COMPLETE 3-PHASE POWER DATA LOGGING SOLUTION FOR VOLTAGE, CURRENT, POWER & ENERGYat an attractive low price A complete entry-level Power Analyzer. SureStart warns you of any connection issues prior to starting the logging. The display allows knowing the important measurements, without having a PC. SD card provides data and communications redundancy.



From setup to data logging to the final report, the PS2500 Power Logger offers complete power and energy logging in a compact and low cost package. The PS2500's lightweight, rubberized contoured case and rugged construction make the PS2500 ideal for field work.

The PS2500 Power Logger has 4 current and 3 voltage channels to measure all circuit types: single-phase, split-phase, three-phase wye, three-phase delta (including open, grounded, & 4-wire delta), 2PT/2CT, DC, 45-66 Hz, and 360-440 Hz applications as well as DC. It measures voltage, current, KW, KVA, true power factor, energy in KWh, Hz and (optionally) total harmonic distortion (THD).  The LCD display shows real-time measurements, like a 3-phase multimeter.  You can view real-time phasors and waveforms using Bluetooth wireless communications with our PSM software, like a 3-phase oscilloscope. Log graphs show minimums, maximums, averages, for individual phases and the totals for thousands of logging periods.

The PS2500 comes with powerful PC software and an automatic Report Writer.


You can view the voltage, current, true power, apparent power, and true power factor measurements on the LCD display to be sure that the system is operating correctly and the corrections are right... like a 3-phase multimeter!


Our patented "SureStart Connections Expert" feature automatically checks for wrong connections before you begin monitoring to ensure a successful power study every time. If there is a mis-connection SureStart will display the error(s) in the analyzer's display window.

Long term logging for up to months at a time.

The meter’s operation is backed up by rechargeable batteries and has an option to power it directly from the voltage being monitored. Our current probes do not require batteries, they get their power from the PS2500. This guarantees that the PS2500 will log power as long as you need to. Unlike other loggers it never goes into "sleep" mode. This guarantees that you will have a true view of all of the data when the job is done.


It comes with Bluetooth technology to wirelessly download data to your PC. Plus a removable SD memory card slot backs up power survey data and provides another method of data transfer to a PC.


New safety regulations demand safer tools. The PowerSight PS3500 has a 600V CAT IV (1000V CAT III) safety rating so you can confidently use the PS2500 on systems up to 1000 VRMS. Bluetooth wireless communications allows remote control via a PC or netbook, up to 25 feet away.

Be Comfortable. Be Safe. Get relief from wearing PPE.

PowerSight analyzers with Bluetooth wireless communications are the safest way to test.  After installing the PowerSight and its probes, workers can move away from the high voltages and Arc Flash dangers and verify the operation remotely.  At a safe distance, cumbersome PPE suits, hoods, gloves etc. can be removed.  Then workers can more comfortably control the PowerSight, view connections, phasors, real-time measurements, start/stop monitoring and download data in complete safety (up to 25 feet away) via a PC or tablet.


  • RMS Volts
  • RMS Amps
  • Watts
  • Energy (kWh)
  • VA , VAR, Power Factor, Hz
  • Live waveform views
  • Real time digital/analog meter displays
  • Phasors
  • Harmonic Spectrum (HAO option)
  • THD (HAO option)

General Specs

Category Notes
Size: 3.89" (9.86 cm) W x 7.72" (19.61 cm) L x 1.58" (4.01 cm) Deep at bottom end; 2.14" (5.44 cm) Deep at top end
Weight 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)
Operating Range 32 - 122 degrees F (0 - 50 degrees C) Relative humidity to 70% (non-condensing)
Power Requirement 12V DC @ 500 mA.
Battery Life 8-10 hours after 4 hour charge
Battery Type Li-ion
Sampling Rate 128 microsecondds for Voltage and Current
Safety 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV
SD Card Slot Accepts SD Cards to 32GB
Logging Period (Resolution) 1 Second - 99 Minutes (set by user)
Logging Duration (Length of session) up to 2 years according to memory allocation
Internal Data Retention 8 years
Other Features Crest Factor, K Factor, Peak Demand Period, Peak Demand of Peak, Demand Period.

Voltage Measurement

Category Notes
Display Range 1-6000 KV (using input ratios)
Meter Resolution 1V, from 1 to 999V
Accuracy 0.5% of reading ±0.3 Vrms

Current Measurement

Category Notes
Display Range 1 mA - 6 Megamps (using input ratios)
Meter Display Resolution 1A, from 1 to 999 Amps for most probes, (10ma for HA5 probes)
Accuracy ±0.5 % of reading plus accuracy of probes
Phasor Diagram Via PC
Imbalance Via PC