Octagon TRAX-5

TRAX-5 from Octagon Systems is designed with IntelĀ® Quad-core processors for high system performance and quality graphics capability. The TRAX-5 rugged mobile computers are application-ready, enabling the user to run multiple applications simultaneously and quickly. This combination of power, speed and reliability helps to ensure your mission-critical applications are always running when your operators need them.


Designed around the Quad Core Intel Atom CPU, the TRAX 5 features:

  • USB
  • CAN
  • COM
  • Ethernet
  • GPIO
  • Wireless communications options
  • Low Precision GPS / High Precision GPS option
  • 9 Axis Accelerometer
  • -40C to 71C  operation
  • IP65 rating

Real World Applications

  • Remote data collection and transmission
  • Vehicle safety systems
  • Cargo handling
  • Machine vision and control
  • Asset Tracking
  • Machinery status and run time monitoring
  • Autonomous vehicle control