Octagon TRAX-10

Similar to the field-proven TRAX-5, the TRAX-10 features a substantial amount of I/O, including 5 Ethernet ports, a CAN bus and multiple wireless modes. This mobile computer platform functions as a mini server/router all in one unit, significantly reducing “technology clutter” in a vehicle cab or compartment. With the TRAX-10 you can reliably manage all your other systems and devices without concerns of hardware failure.


Based on the field-proven TRAX-5, the TRAX-10 features:

  • USB
  • CAN
  • COM
  • 5 Ethernet ports
  • GPIO
  • Wireless communications options
  • Low Precision GPS / High Precision GPS option
  • 9 Axis Accelerometer
  • -40C to 71C  operation
  • IP65 rating

Real World Applications

  • Equipment  health monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Precision positioning
  • Equipment  tilt /vibration /shock monitoring
  • Remote data collection and transmission
  • Safety systems
  • Autonomous vehicle control