Why Choose cold chain temperature loggers

Cold Chain Vision is happy to provide products for a wide variety of businesses where temperature control is critical

Child vaccines

Leading the way in end-to-end drug delivery

Perhaps the most demanding of the fields upon which our products are used is end-to-end drug delivery. Millions of lives depend on products like vaccines, some of which are highly sensitive to temperature changes. Ensuring that quality remains constant across the entire supply chain, saves time and money, but more importantly… It saves lives.

Quality Control of wine products at temperature

Quality Control is always critical

Whether it is a shipment of life-saving vaccines or a case of very expensive Bordeaux, quality control is what stands between success and doom. Reliable data logging saves money by providing a basis for analysis of the best routes, equipment and personnel. The mere presence of one of our Tempinspectâ„¢ USB data loggers however, can be the best deterrent of human failure.