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largest selection of linear position sensors

LX Series Position Transducer
LX Series Position Transducer

UniMeasure products, as represented by Measurement & Control Solutions,  manufacture a broad line of wire rope actuated linear position and linear velocity transducers.
Often referred to as a string pot, a yo-yo pot, a draw wire transducer, a linear position transducer, or a cable extension transducer, the device has proven to be an attractive approach for a multitude of applications in many different industries.
With relatively non-critical alignment requirements, compact size, and ease of installation, wire rope actuated transducers are the linear position measurement system of choice in applications as diverse as bone densitometers in the medical industry, crash testing in the automobile industry, pump jacks in the crude oil extraction industry and irrigation and flood control in the water management industry.
With a variety of available electrical outputs that include voltage, 4 to 20 mA current and digital, UniMeasure linear displacement transducer products provide an extremely cost effective method for linear position and velocity feedback.
Easy, Exacting, Economical.
Features of UniMeasure Position Transducers include:

Measurement ranges from 2" (50 mm) to 2000" (50 m).
Relatively non-critical alignment requirements.
Various analog outputs:
Ratiometric voltage divider
Bridge circuit
0 to 10 VDC
4 to 20 mA
±10 VDC
Various digital outputs:
2 channel square wave in quadrature 5 VDC ttl
8 to 28 VDC
Line drive
Compact sizes.
Environmental sealing to NEMA 4 (IP-65) or NEMA 6 (IP-68).

JX Series Position Transducer
JX Series Position Transducer

Standard Series Position Transducer
Standard Series Position Transducer

HX Series Position Transducer
HX Series Position Transducer

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UniMeasure Linear Position Products:

UniMeasure linear position transducers are available in four distinct series: LX, JX, Standard and HX.

The plastic bodied LX and JX series are ideal for high volume OEM applications and various test applications where cost is a major consideration, where compact size and low weight are of paramount importance and where reduced linearity is acceptable.

The LX series is primarily for indoor, dry applications.

The JX series may be used in wet or dry applications.

The Standard series of linear potentiometer products with increased ruggedness and increased linearity are primarily used for indoor, dry industrial applications. The environmentally sealed HX series products are appropriate for hostile environments where exposure to rain, wash down, or submersion in various liquids may occur. Contact us for more information on linear potentiometer, position transducer, position sensors, distance sensors, displacement sensors, as well as other position measurement products.

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